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Getting Around Los Angeles

Because the Los Angeles area is so vast and sprawled out, the best form of transportation for a visitor to use is an automobile, especially one equipped with a GPS. The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority does operate a bus and rail system that covers much of the Los Angeles metro area, but because of the city's layout, the system is not as efficient as ones in more compacted cities such as New York.

However, if you do choose to use the metro system and are flying into Los Angeles International Airport, pick up the free G shuttle from one of the stops in front of the arrival terminals. The G shuttle will take you to the Aviation Rail Metro station. Here you can choose from one of the five metro lines to get you to your destination. Be aware that the metro system is not open 24 hours, so it is important to check on the metro’s website to make sure that you will have a train or bus available to you when you need one.

In addition to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority buses, many of the local municipalities have their own bus lines that are linked to the metro bus system. For instance, the Beach City Transit system covers the cities of Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach, while the City of Los Angeles also runs its own system.

Still, the best method of transportation for a visitor is an automobile, either a visitor’s own vehicle or a rental. Los Angeles is infamous for its traffic jams, but the street system is fairly easy to navigate and the crawling pace actually gives visitors time to make driving decisions without feeling rushed.

Lastly, depending on taxis for anything more than short hops will end up being a costly decision because of Los Angeles’s sprawl. In addition, taxis in suburban areas are not a very common sight.

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